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Developing a property or a site for Planning Gain is one of the quickest ways for instant added value and profits. But it is not easy. You often have to risk your own capital, employ expensive professionals and risk being refused planning permission with all the abortive costs.


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  • development finance
    PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT FINANCE - Is there such a thing as 100% Property Development Finance? The short answer is yes, however it may be useful to define what exactly we mean by property development finance and what we mean by 100% funding.
  • property developer
    WHAT IS A PROPERTY DEVELOPER - A property developer makes improvements of some kind to property, builds on land and thereby increasing its value. The developer may be an individual, but is more often a partnership, a Limited Company or a Public Limited Company.
  • end of the boom
    IS THIS THE END OF THE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT BOOM - In the UK there has been a real property development boom in recent years, thanks largely to a proliferation of property development programs on TV such as 'Property Ladder' which often shows even the most incompetent people making thousands of pounds profit every week. However, is this boom now coming to an end?

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